we built it!

The RNC was some fascinating theater this week.

As usual, Jon Stewart does a great job laying out the convention theme.

Unrelated (to Jon Stewart) but pertinent image follows:

Anybody catch the Clit Eastwood speech? OMG! The White House Tweeted back. "This seat's taken."

7 responses to “we built it!

  1. I like the answer of Président 😆 :yes:

  2. Just found this one:

  3. I like this one, too:

  4. Excellent : i prefer the first !!

  5. #insertchair on twitter is hysterical. I tweeted a few chairisms and non got retweeted! That pissed me off. 😀 😥

  6. Here's another!

  7. This actor would have done better to remain silent :yes:

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