hotel and adult video store nearly all-in-one

Any time my lodging or sexual needs are not being met, I'll stop in Waverly, Virginia, and take care of everything all at once. 😀

The hotel looked a little worn, lol.

"$40 and up" says the sign. That seems high….unless, ummm! They should put, "support out troops" on there, too.

I had to take a pic. It just seemed so weird.

4 responses to “hotel and adult video store nearly all-in-one

  1. 😀

  2. :devil:

  3. 😀 :banana:

  4. Mexico has the shack-up hotel thing down much better than it is here. All over that country you'll see places with signs that say "Hotel Garage". You can drive your car right up to the room, and there's a big curtain you pull behind the car to conceal it. Rooms are by the hour. There will be an old woman pulling a wagon around that has beers and bottles on liquor on it for sale by the shot or by the entire bottle. Prices will be about 4x higher than you ever imagined if you are a foreigner. There will be a menu in the room from a nearby Denny's or Domino's Pizza. They deliver. Mirrored ceiling, yep.I've just heard of these places. I don't know first hand.

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