80’s dance-a-holic

I was mucking around looking for old tunes tonight and found a good 'un from Big Audio Dynamite.

I used to love to dance to this one: "C'Mon Every Beatbox." I could get quite psycho about it. :devil:

There was something quite marvelous about dancing through the 80's. It helped me manage stress in a lot of ways. OMG, the all-night raves in Guadalajara (Mex).

Back then I could dance all night. Now my knees pop and feet hurt all the time. :p

4 responses to “80’s dance-a-holic

  1. Never was much of a dancer……. Not that I didn't like to dance I just never been able to dance……. I do however shake my bootie on the dance floor if some good classic rock or good blues is playing…… To hell with anybody who don't like it!!!MAWAHAHAHAHAHA:jester: :headbang: :devil:

  2. I don't really dance either. Back then my dancing was more of an alcohol-laced thrashing. Early on I could do some classic disco steps. I love seeing people do that now on retro nights.

  3. I am a famously bad dancer for someone of colour. :doh:

  4. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    I am a famously bad dancer for someone of colour.

    Uh oh! 😆 Beer helps.

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