a major reason for war oh so plainly stated

The truth in the comment below is so naked that I feel I need sunglasses on. 😎

I don't think Andrew Shapiro is really into truth telling. He's just so giddy with all the money that being candid is out of the question.

As the global arms treaty talks collapsed at the United Nations, a top State Department official openly bragged that U.S. government efforts have helped boost foreign military sales to record levels this year. Speaking to a group of military reporters, Andrew Shapiro, the assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs, said: "We’ve really upped our game in terms of advocating on behalf of U.S. companies. I’ve got the frequent-flyer miles to prove it." According to Shapiro, U.S. arms sales have already topped $50 billion in fiscal 2012, putting the United States on pace to increase its total for the year by 70 percent.


4 responses to “a major reason for war oh so plainly stated

  1. That is just too terrible.

  2. Hey, I love that radio program! 😉

  3. operainchicago

    Ugh 😡

  4. I remember a British politician on BBC television (a number of years ago now – am I showing my age?) telling an angry audience that it did not matter Britain selling arms to one particular country to indulge in civil war with as he doubted anyone in the audience knew where this country was on the map. He may have been right about the geography knowledge of the audience but they were all rightly appalled by him.

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