brief tour around the ol’ watering hole

We went out for some fun and refreshments last night at the club. This is the largest gay club in my city. It has been running almost continuously for over thirty years. Its most recent name is Warehouse 29. Previous names of the club were Encore! and Wham.

I went to it for the first time in 1980 when it was Wham. The 80's were the heyday for this club. The line to get in would wrap around the building, and people drove in from all over. Now the crowds are quite small in comparison. To stay in business, the club has designated Friday nights as Latino nights, advertising and playing music to attract the Spanish-speaking clientele in the area. Saturdays and Sundays continue to be gay nights, but of course, anyone is free to go whenever they please. A rather pleasant diversity has resulted from this as curious customers from one night often spill over into another.

A brief photo follows.

Image #1: The dark patio. It's not as dark out there as this image would lead you to believe. I like clubs with large patios. Hot summer nights partying outside are lots of fun.

Image #2: Tikis burning everywhere outside. Mysterious and can be romantic.

Image #3: A display of vodkas visible from the patio.

Image #4: The front bar. Near the entrance, this is where you can get your first hit. The buff bartender was just off to the left. He moves too quickly to capture.

Image #5: People hangin' around.

Image #6: Brian downing a Corona.

Image #7: I just noticed that the club now has security cameras from one end to the other. When I first started clubbing in 1980, it was considered poor form to whip out a camera in a gay club. I never cared if my picture was taken, but you were supposed to respect the ones who could catch trouble if "it" were known. Now everybody has a camera, and the club has them from end to end.

Image #8: The usual dancing. The first song I danced to on this same floor in 1980 was Abba's "Lay All Your Love on Me."

8 responses to “brief tour around the ol’ watering hole

  1. operainchicago

    I just downed a Corona myself. Nice pics of the club!:beer:

  2. Thats to gift a part to coming the party !!:hat: And good pics:up:

  3. My preferate beer is the Desperados :yes:

  4. Corona…I must try that beverege. :cheers:

  5. Originally posted by frogier:

    My preferate beer is the Desperados :yes:

    I'll check that as well. Thanks for the tips.

  6. So which night do the gay Latinos choose? Or, being Latinos, do they do all three?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we miss our 80’s clubbing days in the SF Bay Area.

    • A nice thing about it was that it allowed some of the hesitant Latinos to transition into the idea of going to a gay bar. “Oops, I accidentally came on the wrong night!” I more or less did that the first couple of times when I was 21. I’d go with friends and say that I came with them.

      The club owner always made it clear that anyone could come on any night they wanted to. I’d hear him telling some of the “hetero” couples who showed up on Saturday night, “you know it’s gay night, right? You’re very welcome…just wanted you to know.”

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