80’s hi-nrg dancing and clubbing

I was driving home Thursday night from a late shift and Barry Manilow's 80's classic, "I'm Your Man" popped into my head. Ahhh, 80's dance music. I loved that Hi-NRG (high energy) sound, somewhat related to EuroBeat or EuroPop. The only thing I can find today that I like as much is House and Trance.

Strangely enough, North Carolina had some hot clubs back then, notably "Wham!" which later became "Encore!" (both in Greensboro). Wham! was often called the best nightclub between Washington DC and Atlanta. Durham had the excellent "42nd Street" which later became "Power Company." I was never fond of the clubs in Charlotte.

My favorites for an occasional drive to Atlanta, GA, were "The Armory" and "Weekends."

Back then, life circumstances often put me in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Guadalajara had some great clubbing. "Monica's" and "Betty Boop's" were my faves. Guadalajara also had the best raves. Most were fund raisers for the gay pride group called GOHL (Grupo Orgullo Homosexual de la Liberación). A rave in Guadalajara usually got going well by 1AM and usually terminated by 7AM on a Sunday morning. That often put the ravers on the same Sunday-morning mass transit as people going to church, which could be embarrassing.

Heck, I got so into all this that I broke the bank in 1986 and treated myself to two weekends of partying in Paris (the one in France). It was well worth it. I *STILL* love all things French.

To prepare for all-night clubbing, or a rave, the following schedule usually applied:

  • 2PM – some exercise, usually a bike ride or walking at a park (or the Champs-Élysées, lol) to get the blood flowing.
  • 5 to 6PM – a carefully planned dinner. It had to be enough to sustain for the upcoming evening, but not so much that it would drag you down later, or heaven forbid, put you on the toilet.
  • 7:30 to 9PM – rest. Commonly called a "bar nap."
  • 10PM – light snack like potato chips.
  • 11PM – shower and begin primping.
  • 12AM – one or two warm-up cocktails.
  • 12:30AM – departure time!

Then it was out for all-night fun. Nice times with lots of strobe lights, lasers, smoke machines, throbbing disco, and 100's of people thrashing around and having fun on the dance floor. Amazingly, good friendships were sometimes formed of this.

Here's the Barry Manilow download that made all this come to mind:

10 responses to “80’s hi-nrg dancing and clubbing

  1. Clubs in and around Chicago area I used to frequent during 70's and 80's.. The Spectrum in downtown Aurora Illinois. Dark basement of a hotel. Cover charge after 9:00. Disco ball and floor that lit up! Closer to home than Chicago bars. Miller lite = $1.50? I'm not sure. DJ for music? I donno. . Auggie and CK's: west of current "boys town". Cover after 9:00. Diverse crowd. Several of us would go together, get totally hammered and make Cindy Roy drive us home or to Denny's at 4:00am. for breakfast. She would always say yes about driving cuz she wanted to be around us cool gay chicks. Jukebox. . Lost and Found lounge: dyke bar on west Irving Park road. double mirror on the entrance door for owners to decide if you should be allowed in. Great place to stop for another beer after Cubs game. Cute young meat at the time, myself and friends were always cruised at this place. Avg. age of regular customer was probably 60! yikes! that's my age now :yikes: jukebox box. slow dancing more popular than fast. Many had wallet and comb in back pocket 😀

  2. Ah Carol! Great story. You'll find plenty to do in Phoenix.When we lived in Phoenix, there was a fairly new huge "girls' bar" that had opened up in a nearly abandoned shopping center, and it was called "Ain't Nobody's Business." It was nicknamed "The Bizmart" by the locals. Men were welcomed as long as they behaved and didn't tip the numbers too far. There was another famous old dyke bar downtown that had a serious charming atmosphere. I don't remember the name of it. Men could come, but it was preferred that they be in the company of a member.From '92 to '94, metro Phoenix supported from 19 to 24 bars of "our" type, so you could really pick the type crowd you wanted. This amazed me coming from Greensboro where the maximum number of watering holes ever was about four.When I first started going out in GSO in 1980, beers were 75 cents, and before 11PM, they were 2 for 1. That meant getting there by 10:30, downing 2, then getting the second set just before 11. It was a fine line to pace the drinking after that so one could function the rest of the night. :drunk: Greensboro was known to be amazingly wild back then. The line to get into the big club was always huge, and the bar got cited by the fire department constantly for packing 600 people in there.The bar in Durham was 3 floors. They could pack probably a thousand in there. There were dancers in cages suspended from the ceiling. Sometimes I couldn't believe I was in North Carolina.Then I found Guadalajara. Sometimes the morality police shut places down for months, but when they roared, they roared. The strip shows were real and 100%. Drag shows were the most professional I had ever seen, and there were entire neighborhoods dominated by those performers. It was mind blowing. Even as recently as about 4 years ago, Merida (west of Cancun on the other side of the peninsula) had a giant club as big as half a stadium with a 1000+ people in there on a Saturday night. Those Mayan boys put on wild drag shows.It seems that the glory days of clubbing have been on the wane for a long time. Everybody must do their thing online now. I'm enjoying these old 70's and 80's stories. More, more!

  3. Don't have to look no moreHere I amI'm your manI'm what you've waited forHere I amI'm your manYou always said you like the way that I loved you beforeGet ready for me cause this time I'm gonna give you it allCause I'm older and I'm wiserYou can bet I'm goin' to surprise yaOh, you know I amI'm your manI'm your man yes I am

  4. good follow up story Dave! Honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going or what I'm doing after June. Maybe a relocation to Greensboro? or Raleigh? 🙄

  5. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Maybe a relocation to Greensboro? or Raleigh?

    I think you'd get by here OK, though it would probably be a bit of a letdown. The mild weather will be enjoyable.The fabulous beaches are only 3.5 hours from Greensboro, 2 from Raleigh. It you decided to teach again, even part time, the coastal towns are so hard up they'll do anything for ya except be able to pay anywhere near what you were used to. When I graduated from the university, some of the coastal districts called without provocation and offered to come pick me up for an interview.

  6. I doubt I would teach again, even part time. If I could live on my monthly annuity, I wouldnt work! I have an estimate that I calculated in December. Feds take taxes, Illinois does not require income tax. Don't know about NC. Health insurance will be roughly 180/Mo. for HMO. I have PPO now. I have no car payment, but some CC debt of course. I will meet with a retirement counselor in March at which time I'll have more information. Many moon's ago I went on a business trip to "the guiford center" of Western Electric back then and OMG! did I fall in love with the area….so many golf courses :love:

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Many moon's ago I went on a business trip to "the guiford center" of Western Electric back then and OMG! did I fall in love with the area….so many golf courses

    Western Electric was famous here for a long time. It was the first secured plant I'd ever seen with guards, gates, and fences.Lots of golf courses, yes. Even Greensboro's public municipal course is pretty fine. I played as a teen and got to use Sedgefield a lot (was part of the PGA Tour). Pinehurst is famous, and a lot of people like the Myrtle Beach courses (3.5 hours from me).

  8. ok so start scoping out some nice but reasonable apartments for me. might bring a cat. washer and dryer in unit preferred :yes:

  9. Aleks:Eric Prydz: that's a fun one! I think it still enjoys frequent play.

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