diaspora pod sux

I freakin' hate my Diaspora pod. Go down every few days, stay down, and don't say squat about it anywhere. What a waste of time. I'll go on the move again when I get time.

2 responses to “diaspora pod sux

  1. I have heard of people switching pods. Come join us on diasp0ra.ca. Big fun there. Of course, there's always diasp.org.

  2. I might need to do that.I like the idea of these decentralized networks, but it does put the user at the mercy of a sometimes small scale, and sometimes uncommitted other.It reminds me of when I first started using Jabber (XMPP). For my first account, I chose the largest server in the USA. After building up my contact list (the roster), that server started going wonky every Friday afternoon for months, and would stay wonky all weekend, exactly when I wanted to do all my chatting.I then moved over to a server in Spain, and it's not easy to rebuild a buddy list. After a few months, that server dropped off the face of the earth with no warning and never returned.Then I moved on to France. Got a year out of it, then got warning everybody had to move to a new server and domain because the old one was being retired. Shit!For all the hell that the commercial ICQ and AIM have been, at least they have been kept online for over a decade with no detectable interruption.

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