farewell to a favorite restaurant employee

One of our favorite waiters in town told us tonight that he only has two more weeks to go before beginning a new career. He will soon be starting with the city fire department.

I'm a few weeks I think we'll start smelling smoke! "911, can ya send Matt?" 😆

I worked in a restaurant for a number of years, and when my time came, I informed my favorite customers in advance. Some asked who else I would recommend. I sometimes jokingly said, "there is no one, you're on your own now." :devil:

I worked there long enough to get quite attached to many of the regulars, and they to me. It was one of the best parts of the job. Well, some of the regulars I kinda hated, but I put up with everybody. It was how the money was made.

3 responses to “farewell to a favorite restaurant employee

  1. Good luck in his future venture…and the numerous times he has to save your place from burning down 😉 When I was at college I worked in a supermarket. I did develop quite a rapport with several customers.

  2. Is he cute? :whistle:

  3. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Is he cute?

    Hell yes! Plus a southern Virginia accent that is so fine. Things are pronounced funny in southern VA. 😆

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