time warner cable customer service

Not a single surprise here.

My issue as submitted on the form:

The cable that runs from the street to my house is sagging too low. It drags the top of my
camper in the driveway now. Can you send someone to tighten it?

The helpful resolution:

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable Email Support.
I understand you would like to tighten the cable.
I will guide you to the right support in order to get this issue resolved.
Is that Cable that is lying inside or outside your premises?
Also let me know the pin setup on your account or your last 4 SSN. This will help me to authenticate
your account.


Of course the answer to the support question is contained in my original comment. Support then clouds the issue by using the word "premises." Does "premises" mean my house or my entire property? Also, I didn't want to tighten the cable myself. They need to do it.

No matter, I just called on the telephone. It was better. I'll wait to see if a truck comes by. The same thing happened with the electric line last year. I e-mailed the electric company, and a truck came by that afternoon.

I thought about pranking the e-mail support with some *crazy-ass* answer about the location of the cable, but my creativity is down for the day. :p

4 responses to “time warner cable customer service

  1. Haha, yes those online customer services, you could write some real funny crazy stories about them. That's another side of the great and easy ways of internet.Speaking to a real person or sometimes write a letter with a real stamp on it still can help. Miracles become reality if you use that old fashioned way in communication. 😀 :doh:

  2. Originally posted by JanndeSmit:

    Haha, yes those online customer services

    Lol. I never thought it would be so formula. Now I wish I had played the game.One online service with which I have been repeatedly successful: cellular service. The online chat has solved problems several times. It bypasses the hold times for the live telephone reps and it eliminates the language barrier.The cell carrier has actually adhered to the best method of all: reduce the need for contacting customer service by avoiding problems in the first place. As a customer, I have also trained myself in best practices. One is not to make serious changes to service using a 3rd party like Best Buy. Always go directly to the source to make big changes.The cable company has actually been pretty good over the years. They get about a B+. There is a company office a few miles away, so if it gets bad, I can actually go there and cry on a desk though the lines are long.The worst of the bunch for me has been AT&T, the old mega telephone company. Customer service is full of barriers and Byzantine automated telephone trees. It's one of the two major reasons I will no longer have any service from them. I'll do without before I'll go there.

  3. Hmm! Bit of an idiot working on their customer support that day, methinks.

  4. My favorite was some British mail order computer company's support line, years and years ago:you would either be told, due to heavy traffic call back another day, or you would punch through all the menu items, andget disconnected….Well, I am sure they saved a lot of money that way, but I don't think their helped their computer sales for re-orders.

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