still stuck in the 80’s

As my Persian myopera friends hunker down for what's coming, and I stress out over it, why not take refuge in some fond memories of dancing to these many years ago.

The easy synthpop of the Thompson Twins: 🙂

  • King For a Day
  • Lay Your Hands on Me

Some hot dance spots back then:

  • Encore! – Greensboro, NC
  • 42nd Street – Durham, NC
  • Weekends – Atlanta, GA
  • Monica's – Guadalajara, Jal., MX

2 responses to “still stuck in the 80’s

  1. Hehehe… 😉

  2. The Thompson Twins – I used to read Buster comic and other kids were writing in each week saying what they thought the first single by The Thompson Twins was. I used to get it on a Thursday night; Kate, my sister, had The Beano.

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