sixth grade revolution

I often remember my 6th grade teacher fondly. Her thinking betrayed her calm conservative appearance.

If I were to distill the entire year down into a few points, she taught these:

  • question everything
  • learn to think for yourself


  • let me get through this class :p

She was good. I still use many things she taught me decades later.

8 responses to “sixth grade revolution

  1. Good two points for anybody to practice! My friend is a staunch follower of these two principles.There is nothing wrong with conservatism, just as there is nothing wrong with liberalism. It's the crazies on both sides that muddy the waters. You don't say driving is bad because there are drunk drivers out there. 😉

  2. Maybe I should reword it to say that her appearance was "understated." I didn't even think of her in political terms until many years later, but I guess she was, especially with things being a bit of a powder keg these days.Another good one from her: she felt it was more important to know how to find out things than to try to memorize everything. She made us experts with the library and reference materials. We did do some memorization for the mental discipline of it, but that wasn't the focus of the class.Is there time for these things anymore with the emphasis almost solely on EOG (end of grade) testing? Probably not nearly enough.

  3. Originally posted by AleksOD:

    You don't say driving is bad because there are drunk drivers out there.

    Ummm, flaky comparison. :p It has bothered me some.

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    flaky comparison

    How is that?

  5. It was trivializing and referred to something I wasn't talking about anyway, though we are now.Anyway, I'm not sure the labels liberal and conservative are even apt in this country anymore with the huge looming problems, many of which are already here.Democratic and Republican aren't even relevant anymore, to me. After that last congress we elected years ago that sang the stop-the-wars-tune, then changed the story within three weeks of getting into office, I'm not sure what *IS* relevant anymore.So anyway, we're friends and can be candid.

  6. Unfortunately, that is also how I feel about politics in the US now. Also, to me it looks like no matter who you vote for, corporations determine policies, anyway.

  7. Hey! I think we both have the skillsets needed to see things pretty clearly and get some things done. :up: It ain't easy and always needs working on. I never like to say I'm done or can't modify my beliefs.We Cold War babies in the US used to like to laugh at the nakedness of the old Soviet propaganda, but of course, as one gets up to speed, it's easy to see that there is plenty to go around from everywhere. I used to like to think that even if both sides lied, at least "our" side lied a little less. Well, ummm, that's always been debatable.My old teacher gave me some good universal tools that have helped me much.This will label me some by quoting Noam Chomsky, but one time I heard him say, "never ever trust the state." That's another good nugget. I'm sure he meant any state or economic system: corporate, capitalist, communist, socialist, democratic, theocratic, whatever. I think he even said that, too.Now we're cooking with gas. 😆 I can give a litany of excuses as to why I'm tense and reactive this week, but they are just excuses. They will make a good new blog post later.

  8. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    This will label me some by quoting Noam Chomsky, but one time I heard him say, "never ever trust the state."

    A lot of founding fathers also said similar things, methinks.Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    They will make a good new blog post later.

    We'll be waiting 😉

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