two visits from santa long ago

Iconic gifts from long ago that triggered memory.

Image #1: My brother (right) and I (left) with our new Slinkies. "It walks the stairs alone or in pairs, it makes a slinkity sound. A spring, a spring, a wonderful thing, everyone loves a Slinky."

Everyone Loves a Slinky

Image #2: the 1960's miracle gift of the personal-sized tape recorder. Finally small, cheap, and durable enough to give to children. Mine is only partially visible in the lower right. You can see that they were mini reel-to-reel models. A ton of fun indeed. I quickly went into espionage: plant it under brother's bed in record mode, leave it running, retrieve it later. Too bad that when the tape ran out, it made a slapping sound that gave it all away.

Christmas Tape Recorders

3 responses to “two visits from santa long ago

  1. Slinky's MADE IN AMERICA :up:

  2. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Slinky's MADE IN AMERICA

    The story of the Slinky company, James Industries, is rather interesting. It was a husband/wife business, and the wife, Betty, became the major mover, shaker, and president of the company after the husband, Richard, went off the deep end in several ways.BTW, foreign knockoffs of Slinkies are widespread. If they aren't from the original company, they are supposed to be labelled as a "spring toy."

  3. What a great looking guy you've always been, Dave! 😉

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