deck the halls

Deck the halls with boundless folly. Fa la la la la, la la la la.

8 responses to “deck the halls

  1. :sing: :sing: :hat:

  2. LOL! That's awesome. :yes:

  3. The tree of madness

  4. I vote Obama in answer to survey of Américan newspaper by Internet and i proud !! Do you testing the wine french ? You prefer a red wine or white wine ?

  5. Originally posted by frogier:

    The tree of madness

    Well stated.

  6. I'm seeing little reason to vote in 2012, at least on the national side. Maybe the Supreme Court can just go ahead and make the pick. The blackbox Diebold machines don't work right anyway.North Carolina is throwing civil rights up for grabs at the ballot box, so I'll go for that, to vote for a few local candidates, and some bond issues.

  7. The problem with politics man, it is because them does not man what it happens, the vote be of no use, it is of what i think. This people this pain part !

  8. take Herman off the tree please :whistle:

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