legacy of shelter dogs

(Note: We never use real pet names as answers to security questions.)

The history of our adoptions since 1994 from the Guilford County Animal Shelter (GCAS).

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

GRETCHEN (1994 to 2004)

LUCY (2004 to present)

MANDY (2011 to present) – companion to my mother

SASHA (2011 to present)

7 responses to “legacy of shelter dogs

  1. They are all gorgeous. How do dogs like this get abandoned in the first place. I don't know 🙄

  2. Another adoption option we used one time: we knew an elderly lady who was ill and getting close to the end of her time. She was worried about the fate of her little dog as none of her immediate family members were in a position to take the dog. We told her we could do it, just let us know when. The next week she had her packed up and ready to go. It was a little sweet Chihuahua, already about 16 years old when we got her. She lived to be almost 20. That was one good dog!

  3. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    How do dogs like this get abandoned in the first place.

    Yeah, it's hard to imagine. It's a symptom of a plethora of problems.There is an information packet for each animal hanging on the doors to the cages at the shelter. If known, the reason for the animal being there will be listed, things such as:–stray–voluntary surrender–animal control pick up–movingBy far, the most common reason I saw listed this time was "moving." With the economy in the dumper, there will be a few compelling cases in which a decision on surrendering an animal to the shelter will have to be made. It's better than just turning them loose, I suppose. It does amaze me how many times I hear people casually give a terrible reason like, "we wanted to live at the Village Green, but they don't take pets, so old Sally had to go." I view that as horrible. Move somewhere where they do take pets. Was the animal a member of the family, or not. 😦

  4. Hi Hieu. *hug* I'm sorry about the dog.

  5. I love dogsI had one before, but he died 😥

  6. Someone killed him for meat.I hate people who eat dog meat.

  7. thats quiet a lot of pets(dogs) :up:

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