truck stop pizza

Great pizza from a truck stop. Who'd a thunk it?

Our cross-country vacation trip has been completed. The photo uploads will start as soon as we recover some from the tremendous driving.

Here is Brian enjoying some pizza from a Flying J truck stop. We were shocked, SHOCKED, at how good it was. In the picture, one piece has a burned bubble area, but I like food like that, so it was no problem. Food never photographs well, so the pizza was even more luscious looking than in the pic.

The 6-slice pizza was two slices for $5, or the entire pie for $9.99. This, of course, encouraged overeating. Yummy! We did this truck stop pizza thing twice on our trip.

So, next time we have a party, we should run out to a truck stop to get the pizzas. They were far better than most that are available around town from pizzerias, and WAY WAY better than those from the ever miserable Papa Johns and Domino's.

6 responses to “truck stop pizza

  1. Pizza from Costco is equally as good, in a surprising way :chef:

  2. Wow, that is a damn grip of food. Pretty impressive for a Flying J. Although, Flying J's seem like they are still small enough to be able to be creative in the way they do things. Not confined by formulaic process like Domino's or Papa John's

  3. That is a great looking pizza. Good enough to make me ignore my lactose intolerance…well, almost. 😀

  4. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Not confined by formulaic process like Domino's or Papa John's

    OMG I can't believe how bad they are. Absolutely the most minimal product that will still get most people to pay for it. I can't even taste Papa Johns. No flavor at all.

  5. Pizza is one of my favorite foods but must eat it sparingly because of the cholesterol. My favorite here in Fargo is from a little place called Mom's Diner. This place is very near two assisted living complexes so there's always a bunch of elderly people there having the half sandwich and soup special. The soup and salad bar is pretty good too, not a lot of stuff but adequate. You can order a variety of homemade dinners like meatloaf, sirloin tips, fried chicken, etc. all with two side choices. We were all surprised to see they had pizza on the menu and ordered it along with many other things. The pizza was a hit. Thin crust, just the right amount of sauce, cheese, spices and pepperoni. Delish!

  6. That looks incredible… YUM!

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