this week in bible prophecy

Ha! Y'all know me better than that. 😀 :devil:

I'm just putting the jumper cables on the blog to try to get it running again. I've been away for awhile. Parole violation. j/k.

5 responses to “this week in bible prophecy

  1. Welcome back! :up:

  2. Yes, welcome back. MyOpera has missed you :coffee:

  3. Hey!It was a long and nice vacation. We went to Burning Man for the third time since 2004. It's a major undertaking for us since it involves crossing almost the entire width of the USA while towing a travel trailer.There are a lot of pictures to upload, but not nearly so many as in the past. I've gotten to where I just want to be present for events and not doing the "I am a camera" routine.Work for me starts back up in a few days. It's always so hard to go back.

  4. Welcome home jumper cables :jester:

  5. Looking forward to the photos form the festival! 🙂

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