gorging while on the road

I stopped at a cafeteria for dinner. It was a welcome relief. It's nice to find something that is NOT a hamburger and that I don't have to eat with my fingers.

The local chain is called the K&W. They are actually slightly elegant in some locations. They are busy all the time.

I ate way too much.

Image #1: The serving line. You will hear the famous line, "serve you a meat?", called out to you here. 😆 Notice the red Jell-O. I think all cafeterias have Jell-O all the time. Maybe it's required.

Image #2: The tray of food. It was actually better than it looks in this picture. Food items starting from lower left corner going clockwise: Watergate salad, mac and cheese, broccoli and cheese, Chicken Francisco, 7-layer salad.

Image #3: The bill. Cheap for a load of food, especially since the cashier forgot to ring the broccoli. :p Tipping is not customary in these places, but I usually leave the table bussers a buck, two if they bring me anything, even if it's just a shot of water.

17 responses to “gorging while on the road

  1. operainchicago

    Old country buffet is about the same price for lunch and a beverage. I like their baked chicken :chef:

  2. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Old country buffet is about the same price for lunch and a beverage. I like their baked chicken

    I think I ate at one of those in Pennsylvania.Baked chicken sounds OK. When I was in my 20's, I used to always have the chicken livers, rice, and gravy. The K&W always has this. If I did that now, I'd be out for days. I might as well down a dozen eggs and chase them with a bottle of motor oil.I used to joke that if you needed real-world information on Medicare or Social Security, just go have a late lunch at the cafeteria. It's a total senor hangout at that time of day.

  3. Originally posted by CultureSurfer:

    the first pic. Where is this?

    The K&W Cafeteria in Rocky Mount, NC. I'm at the start of the serving line. Salads are always at the beginning.Originally posted by CultureSurfer:

    Does a Watergate salad involve criminal activity?

    I started eating it just after the Nixon years just because of the name. I discovered that I really like it. I assume it was a specialty of the Watergate Hotel. Maybe those burglars ate some.

  4. CultureSurfer

    :heart: the first pic. Where is this?Does a Watergate salad involve criminal activity? 😆

  5. Я обязательно напишу пост про наши места!

  6. Originally posted by pactamahs:

    Я обязательно напишу пост про наши места!

    Спасибо! Я надеюсь увидеть ваше сообщение.

  7. operainchicago

    what language is that in above post?

  8. Russian courtesy of Google translator.

  9. operainchicago

    very cool. How are your androids?

  10. Droids are doing well. A big favorite is the speech-to-text thing where I can just dictate a text message, IM, search term, or e-mail. I never thought I'd see the day that got reliable.I also like the tethering / wireless hotspot function while on the road. If the hotel doesn't have wifi, or it isn't free, I can just suck the data for the laptop through the cell tower. The bad thing is that the hotels that don't have wifi also seem to be coincidentally impenetrable be cell signals.

  11. Just for fun, include some bad words when you do your next speech to text text. Jeff tried it and his android censored him! :eyes:

  12. Originally posted by CultureSurfer:

    Just for fun, include some bad words when you do your next speech to text text. Jeff tried it and his android censored him!

    Done done it! You know I would, early on. 😀 It does them all, sometimes even some fairly obscure slang. If it doesn't hit it dead on, I can see the phonetic equivalent in what was produced. Sometimes when it misses, the errors are funny.

  13. Love cafeteria food! Luby's was very popular for a number of years in Phoenix. I'd often take my mom there. My favorite was their baked cod. It had a topping on it and I asked what it was….mayonaise! I need to include more fish in my meals so I've found a few recipes online for baked cod w/ mayonnaise.

  14. Image 3 is the best. Love the price.

  15. Yeah, I can't believe that price either!My paternal grandmother used to be a cook in the cafeteria at a country club. I remember her bringing me to work with her one day and how huge the kitchen was. The pots she cooked in were bigger than an average stove top! Somewhere I've got a copy of the menu. A grilled cheese was like 10 cents, 35 cents for a main course, etc. This was in the early fifties.

  16. It's fun to talk about prices way back when.When I was in elementary school, ice cream was 10 cents. (Heck, an entire school lunch was only a quarter.) The class was only allowed one per person per day, and only if behavior was good. It was teacher discretion. My mom usually gave me a special Mercury dime each time to buy my ice cream.The 10-cent ice cream included the Fudgesickle, ice cream sandwich, Nutty Buddy, and Creamsickle. Boys usually didn't get the Creamsickles because is was rumored that you were gay if you did. Hell, nobody even knew what that meant, lol, but other choices were much safer for your reputation. Amazingly I didn't like the Creamsickles.There was one ice cream that was 6 cents called the Brown Mule. It was vanilla ice cream dipped in a chocolate coating on a stick. If you had 10 cents, peer pressure dictated you didn't get a 6-cent Brown Mule, even if you wanted one, because that's what the poor kids ate.Can you believe that shit?

  17. The Brown Mule was my favorite but we called it something else…Eskimo Pies? Not sure.Where we went to school, most of us were low income to lower/middle income. I don't remember very many rich kids but they may have been the popular few and I didn't hang out with them. We would occasionally get those little plastic cups of vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream. Remember those? They came with a three inch flat wooden spoon attached to it. Up to twenty years ago, you could still buy the ice cream cups by the bag, 60 to a bag, in the grocery store.

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