net session companions

My web-surf companions can be seen to the right of the monitor. Left to right: a gargoyle, a picture of Ava Gardner, and a pirate. Behind Ava, a weird glass Christmas tree that was on clearance at Target. To the left, 99% unseen, is a giant pink flamingo.

The pirate has been watching me since Windows 95.

There's no specific reason for them, they are just there.

12 responses to “net session companions

  1. :up: D'awwwwww. 🙂

  2. You do have class :up:

  3. I want a pirate too..

  4. Aha a threesome huh. lolWell not try, find one for me. 🙂

  5. Originally posted by ManiDhillon:

    I want a pirate too..

    We are already in a relationship, lol. I'll try to find you another.

  6. Originally posted by ManiDhillon:

    Aha a threesome huh. lol

    That has crossed my mind. 😆 Originally posted by ManiDhillon:

    Want you to see this:

    I did see that. It was posted in the group awhile back, and I left a comment there. I've just not had significant problems with Natty, especially after a few rounds of updates came through. Ubuntu does send out things raw and broken sometimes. I hear of many long-term users saying they have a personal policy of waiting a few weeks for releases to settle in, but I like to have it running about 10 minutes after the release hits the torrents. 😮 Brian's laptop runs as smoothly as it always has, and my netbook has been great after I finally gave up on Unity. Gnome Classic runs great for me, but even better, LXDE is a dream.I gave Unity a good hard run because I liked the idea, but the performance was bad, and I felt like i had to work harder to get at my system. Sometimes it even froze up and stopped. The other desktops I mentioned work much better. Unity may yet shine in the sun, then again, it may be a trial balloon that drifts away.Debian Wheezy (testing) on my desktop machine (seen above) is super slick, but it's not so great on a netbook. The only major issue is the 64-bit Adobe flash plugin likes to crash/freeze the desktop sometimes, but switching back to the free Gnash plugin solved that, though Gnash isn't as fast in full-screen. Gnash is slightly a pain in the ass, and it doesn't work everywhere there is flash, but it's improving rapidly.The most sweetly configured systems I ever had were the Slackware ones I ran years ago, but the lack of a real package manager finally wore me down, plus a few years ago, one of their releases super sucked.:eek:

  7. I used gnash sometime ago. I am going to install Slackware someday in next month and gonna configure it to my needs, I don't know why but these days I am somewhat paranoid about security and performance.

  8. Slackware is fun. It teaches you a lot in a good way.

  9. Originally posted by ManiDhillon:

    I don't know why but these days I am somewhat paranoid about security and performance.

    It doesn't hurt to be security aware and practice what of it you can.Whenever I download those .iso files, I like to check them with the md5sum. Not that I've ever had one fail, I just like to be sure I know how to do it.

  10. I am going to download Slackware 13.37 and then will load it.Today I installed KDE on my existing Ubuntu Lucid.

  11. If you like KDE, I think Slackware is still KDE-centric. It's stock from-the-factory KDE, too. You won't find it messed with or logo-ized.Slackware is also favored by this unusual group of people. I think it's because the the Slackware founder, Pat Volkerding, is one of them. I used to listen to the SubGenious radio broadcast called the Hour of Slack.Be careful, this Slackware thing may be more than you ever imagined! :jester:

  12. LOL that's funny. I will be careful.

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