parties of the political stripe

While the two current "major" political parties in the USA make me double over in revulsion, there are two that make me smile:

Green (or Green) 🙂


Pirate. Haaarrrr! :pirate:

Neither one is "official" in my state of North Carolina, but I work for the ballot access of one of them and would join either. NC has almost the most restrictive ballot access laws in the nation. The sole reason is to resist threats to the status quo.

I wanna be a Green Pirate. I have a pirate flag (Jolly Roger). I'm half ready. 😀

5 responses to “parties of the political stripe

  1. Quite interesting reading the Pirate Party website. One of my favourite four musical artists Ryuichi Sakamoto is an opponent of current copyright laws and believes that they are outdated in the modern age. We sure do need a progressive piece of legislation in this area or illegal downloading will just continue in its current format.

  2. The Pirates seem to be a little narrow in focus, but, at a minimum, they are refreshing. There may be enough there to build upon.The Greens have a well-developed multi-faceted platform.In North Carolina you can only register as:–Republican–Democrat–Libertarian–"unaffiliated"The big two above (R & D) do everything possible to fend off any new entrants.

  3. Democracy in action, huh! 🙄

  4. Yup. And there's a whole lot more wrong than just party lockout.

  5. With the state going to hell in a handbasket with 1000's of broken issues, the General Assembly has nothing better to do than propose a constitutional amendment called Defense of Marriage. So, this fall, we get to throw people's rights and societal status up to the whim of a popular vote on voting machines that hardly work and an election process that's as clear as mud.I'd like to visualize Raleigh working on a serious citizen-wellbeing issue and stop giving away the store to corporate welfare.

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