antoine dodson loves you

He just wants to keep you safe. Hide ya wives, hide ya kids, hide ya husbands! He'd make a good president. Is that grasping at straws? 😀

My favorite line: "use it at your grandma's house."

5 responses to “antoine dodson loves you

  1. Is today april fools' day?

  2. I don;t want to know Antoine.

  3. 😆 :yikes: Without words, ha ha…

  4. When I was in my 20's and hung out with a wilder and more unusual crowd, it would never fail that when I was taking my mother somewhere in my car during the day, a car would pass with someone much like Antoine hanging out the passenger window yelling, "Hayyyyy Dayyyyvid!"My car was distinctive, so I was easily identified. My mom would just cut me a look and roll her eyes. 🙄

  5. It was cute and I hope you don't mind I used it on my blog:sherlock: :bye:

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