ride a city bus in cancun

We always stay in downtown Cancun, so to get to the beaches, we get on a city bus which runs out to the hotel zone resort area.

The fare is 7.50 Mex. pesos, or about 58 cents US. The music heard was performed by a rider playing for tips. This is fairly common. Unless the person is a horrible singer, I think it makes the ride a lot nicer. This guy was good enough. :up: He was dazzlingly dressed. I couldn't catch him on the camera because he was all the way in the back.

The second vid shows nicer scenery.

5 responses to “ride a city bus in cancun

  1. wow nice scenery XDbut that guy with the lollipop in the last one hahahhaha who leaves a lollipop out of thier mouths for that long lol esp on a bus -_-*

  2. Originally posted by Travis1988:

    that guy with the lollipop

    I noticed him, too! For some reason I found his pensive handling of the lollipop intriguing. đŸ˜€

  3. hahahhahaha

  4. Trying to think of cute things that could have been said to lollipop guy.:devil:

  5. *giggles

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