back home from vacation

I just got in the door after being on vacation. I didn't take a laptop. It was time to truly get away.

Here are a few preview pics. There are good stories to be told from A to Z. The uploading to the flickr account will begin this weekend. It will take quite awhile.

Image #1: beautiful beaches.

Mayan Riviera - Cancun

Image #2: suckin' down a little liquor.

Cancun piña colada

Image #3: made some new friends. They are wonderful.

Cancun friends

13 responses to “back home from vacation

  1. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    you were on holiday

    I was! I have an excess of PTO (paid time off) at work, so they let me have this coming week off, too. It's the slow season anyway. I'm gonna be really lazy this week. The vacation travel was actually rather taxing.

  2. decodedthought

    you were on holiday 😮

  3. Awesome! 😀

  4. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    was this the Mexico trip?

    Sí 😀

  5. operainchicago

    was this the Mexico trip?

  6. operainchicago

    bueno 🙂

  7. welcome back!!

  8. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    welcome back!!

    Thanks! 🙂

  9. decodedthought

    I really don't know how many places I want to visit now :lol:so many places to visit,the list never seems to end…nice pics :up:

  10. Thanks so much! We have a mega upload planned for the flickr account as soon as we can get to it. Digital cameras are so nice as one can press the shutter button endlessly without worrying about money rolling out of the pocket. It does increase the odds that some good stuff will come out in the end. The chaff can be discarded guilt free, though we usually upload a lot of that, too.This was our fifth trip to Cancun. We always debate about staying in the posh "hotel zone" by the beach and enjoying some pampering for just a few dollars more, but we always end up in the cheaper downtown hotels and having a blast. We get to meet people, interact, and be a part of things rather than being dependent on a resort to provide every need. This is how I got invited to be in a local English class (Image #3 above) as a source of practice for the students. The e-mails and texts are already coming in from them after I returned home. It's really heartwarming!As my travel partner said, if we stayed in a resort, we may as well have just gone to Miami, it would feel the same. Actually, we can't afford Miami! 😆

  11. decodedthought

    Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    we can't afford Miami!

    it is just matter of time ! Things will change 🙂

  12. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    This was our fifth trip to Cancun.

    Once you like a place it becomes a second home, is that the feeling? We have that with Limburg in the south-east of Holland, we have been there since 1993 almost every year. We know a lot of people out there and yes, that's a good feeling.This year we went to the beaches in the south-west in Holland as you know. Cancun looks good to me, think I can feel at home there. :yes: 🙂

  13. Originally posted by JanndeSmit:

    Once you like a place it becomes a second home, is that the feeling?

    *nods*I'd love to have a little house out in the burbs of Cancun.

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