delicious snack on the sidewalk

I saw this baby at work today. In this area it is common to pick them up, quickly slice the head off with a knife, then squeeze the blood from the still wiggling body into your mouth while yelling "by the power of Isis!" The head can be thrown away, unless you want to make a quick tea with it, but most people here drink sweet tea, iced.

12 responses to “delicious snack on the sidewalk

  1. decodedthought


  2. igor-michigan

    :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :irked: :yuck: :doh: Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    by the power of Isis

    What a area where you work now? Egypt? 😀

  3. operainchicago

    OMG :down:

  4. Originally posted by operainchicago:


    "By the power of Isis" is a Wonder Woman reference. 😉 hehehe

  5. WTF 😦

  6. decodedthought

    looks like work is taking the saneness out of you 😛 :lol:j/k

  7. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    looks like work is taking the saneness out of you

    LOL, you're nearly right! It's been a rough spring at work, and acting crazy has helped to keep the humor in things.

  8. its just cultural, not nasty, i think its pretty cool to learn this stuff, thanks slack 😀

  9. Originally posted by Travis1988:

    see just awesome

    :heart: Travie is nice guy. :up:

  10. Nobody is eating the lizards.This was a post for the helluvit, though I do like a nice glass of chicken blood for breakfast.

  11. see just awesome XD

  12. i know i am huh :Di llike to see the world through others eyes mostly cause im too poor to travel, so my experience is essentail through ur experience 🙂

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