saturday night drama

An acquaintance has diabetes and was out driving. Blood sugar swings way low and the mind gets cloudy. They can answer and talk on the cell phone but not make much sense. Finding them will be hard.

A quick rescue happened because a person called the police just to report someone sitting in their car looking strange and out of place at night, in other words, no one is ever parked on the weekends where this person was parked. The person calling the police made a great move. A policeman was there in minutes, answered the cell phone, got EMT's on the way, and even knew how to check blood sugar. He used to be an EMT himself.

Moral of the story: calling the police, even if you're not sure there's a problem, is sometimes a very good thing to do. :up:

As far as I know. All ended well. 🙂

5 responses to “saturday night drama

  1. decodedthought

    :up:bravo to that citizen :cheers:

  2. operainchicago

    nice Easter story Dave :heart:

  3. This guy was very lucky.

  4. Originally posted by ronjeremyactor:

    I've fallen and can't get up

    I always got a chuckle out of that commercial. I think it was the one that had what looked like an 80 year old cocktail waitress in it who had probably smoked Lucky Strikes for more than half a century.Another kind of funny commercial is for the Jitterbug cell phone. Everybody ohhs and ahhs when grandma makes a call on that funny looking phone. Wow, that thing is expensive. Instead, you can walk into a Sprint store and tell them you need an easy cell phone with big buttons for an elderly person, and they will have something just as good for less money.Actually, something that is great for the elderly who still drive, or anyone with health problems, is the OnStar car communications thing. This is assuming they have a GM made car with it already installed. You just press the button and say "help", and they can locate that car really fast. It also goes off if the car's computer detects anything abnormal, or friends/relatives can call and say "find that car." The person I talked about in the post above really needs to have this.

  5. ronjeremyactor

    maybe a good birthday gift is to give him a necklace designed for elderly people. you know the one that all you need to do is press the button.what is that commercial in the old days … ah … I've fallen and can't get up ( no pun intended ).

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