screwing around with midori

Is it the Midori web browser or Midori the cordial? Tonight it could be both. There's nothing quite like the integration of Linux and alcohol. I mean, with the right amount of cocktails, you can have Debian or Slackware up and running in minutes. :cheers:

Tonight I wanted to try a web browser even more offbeat than Opera. Isn't being offbeat, or even just a little weird, part of what draws us to the Opera browser over the others, or draws us to the myopera community over blogspot, or draws us to Burning Man over Disney – Orlando?

The Midori browser works fine, and yes, it's weird. :up:

Midori the browser:

Midori the liquor:

9 responses to “screwing around with midori

  1. Heh. I tried Midori, but it wasn't quite usable yet back then, so I ended up keeping Arora around for testing stuff with Webkit. Interesting parallel, though, I didn't know there was a drink called Midori.

  2. Chyeaaa! And, no thanks, I'll pass. My stomach can't take it tonight. Btw, I'll reply to that message. I have to get on a computer to do that.

  3. I used Midori web browser back in Nov. – Dec. Of 2008. I didn't mind that, but I reverted back to Firefox and Opera.

  4. As for setting up Debian and Slackware. It takes me a couple of minutes sober. XD

  5. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    I used Midori web browser back in Nov. – Dec. Of 2008

    I mildly suspected that. 🙂 I thought about messaging you and asking if you'd ever tried it, but somehow I knew if it was Linux related, you'd probably been there already. :up: As for the green liquor, you better hurry, it's almost gone.

  6. When I first saw the header of this post, I thought it was going to be about the Japanese violin virtuoso!, I'm a late adopter. 😀

  7. what about midori the violinist?!

  8. operainchicago

    ok this green dog bottle should be your new avatar 🙂

  9. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    midori the violinist?!

    Her webpage is very green, the liquor is green, the browser has a green icon. midori (hiragana)noun 1.: green, the colour green; greenery, fresh verdureWhole lotta green! It's a good color.

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