breakfast in a blender

Yogurt, soy milk, orange juice, banana, honey, sometimes bee pollen if it's on sale. Soothing, cold, and refreshing.

This helps to balance the pizza or burrito gorging later on in the day.

31 responses to “breakfast in a blender

  1. I think I might skip breakfast and just head to the gorging part.

  2. mmm… sounds tasty…. just like 😆 😉 just kidding 😛

  3. Originally posted by FoxM:

    just like

    Lol. I love the french fry garnish. :up: Years ago, probably on Saturday Night Live, they were making fun of Ron Popeil and his endless stream of late-night television products that often had names that ended in "O-Matic", like the famous Veg-O-Matic. They had a blender on the set and called it the "Bass-O-Matic." They put an entire bass in it and ground it up for the audience. I was waiting for the lid to come off and spray everybody with it.I would only drink the McDonald's blender meal or the bass if they were proven and rapid hangover curatives. :yuck:

  4. operainchicago

    Pat makes one of these blender meals at least once a week 🙂

  5. Yummy!!!

  6. its a grate one tho honestly few can afford especially the time involved in moving all those things to the table that we oftenly opt for a restaurant-serve.

  7. always there for you.

  8. Hi Kenny! 🙂

  9. am ready:idea: 💡 💡

  10. Mmmmmmm…I love smoothies. Every so often I'll make one with 1/4 cup skim milk, two strawberries, half a banana, a couple of orange slices and whatever other fruits I might have. Have never tried the soy milk. Vanilla soy milk is the only milk my daughter in law drinks so I might try it some time.

  11. am gona give it a try @ ma next opportunity 4 making the 'table.'

  12. A good smoothie around here is pushing six bucks, so when I can make them at home, I do.Anything goes in a smoothie. Blackberries or blueberries add a mysterious color. The soy milk is just a diluting agent to thin the yogurt, so it's optional.Kenny, I will make you one anytime you want to stop by.

  13. Very smooth.

  14. so grat of you.i will honor it.

  15. Hi Dave

  16. yummy, I want a glass of it

  17. Hi Hieu! 🙂

  18. glad to meet you !

  19. Hello manhhaivn. :up:

  20. Farrrr toooo healthy!

  21. i cant stop waiting 4 ma debut & just kno ma system is yearning 2 digest it down..hmm!

  22. operainchicago

    do you feel the need to clean the blender and mug right away or the stickiness is unbearable?

  23. its 2much 4 i 2 bear. am gona take opt 4 option-a

  24. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    do you feel the need to clean the blender and mug right away

    Just swish it out with water and sling it in the dishwasher. Watch for ants.

  25. um um!! ants 4m where? i have zero attendance of any specie.

  26. I can tolerate ants but not roaches. If I ever see roaches, I will call the extermination company and tell them to bring their most deadly chemicals. :alien:

  27. ok! :whistle:

  28. Kill them all!

  29. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    Kill them all!

    They must die, savagely.The most fierce roaches live in university dorm rooms. When I lived in one, I slammed a phone book down on top of a roach to kill it. Hours later I picked up the phone book and the roach was gone. :yikes:

  30. yo right, roaches have got one of the most efficient respiratory systems dat they can easily survive in anaerobic conditions 4 a while whistle make more than 10hrs alive when beheaded;- so wen Josh says kill, it implies good mangt of yo food drops & left overs-by this u'll starve them 2death & effectively interapt their reproductive cycle. insectcides wak 4 a start afta which they can mutate -hence the observed resistance 2 the insectcides & above all economically control is more feasible than treatment above the risk of exposing oneself 2various toxins who carcinogenicity isn't often researched alot about due to the complex nature of our bodies in that we all react differently 2 difft toxins as observed in how our DNA is so varied as witnessed in genetics & forescenics…the choice tho is yos 2make-& so will be the burden 2 bare.

  31. I think you're 100% right kenny. :up: I think after the nuclear bombs were dropped in Nevada during the Manhattan Project, the roaches were some of the first life to return to ground zero.

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