mariachis in south carolina

My work travels this week are taking me all over the state of South Carolina. I stopped for lunch the other day at a Mexican restaurant in the resort area of Santee, South Carolina on Interstate 95. It was mariachi night. This group was excellent and could really play and sing. The lead singer had a powerful voice, about the best I've ever heard. When this far inside the USA, mariachis often add English-language classics, sometimes even rock and pop, to their repertoire, as well as Mexican favorites. It was all very stirring and extremely entertaining.

Years ago I was in a disco in Guadalajara, Mexico for New Year's Eve. At midnight, the disco shut off the roaring DJ'ed music, and in marched a large stellar mariachi band that played until dawn. It was one of the best times I've ever had at a disco in my entire life. It was fun to see the preppy Guadalajara club kids cutting a rug (dancing) to the traditional mariachi sound. I did it, too! It was the tequila. ­čśÇ

Here are the mariachis in South Carolina:

2 responses to “mariachis in south carolina

  1. operainchicago

    good food too I assume?

  2. Sweet!

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