• The Truth Is Still Out There
  • Still Trusting No One
  • Still Wanting to Believe

They guide me, but I need help. :alien:

The X-Files

3 responses to “paranormal

  1. Someone's going to be very busy watching these for the next few weeks. If you take one with you when you're on the road, be careful not to leave it in the DVD player in the hotel room. That would be a bummer.

  2. I was a fan of the series up to the 4th season, when it became famous among other people at school.I even had in my memory the names of all the episodes from all four seasons… In those days there was no xfiles fan group in colombia, and that was perfect.After, a huge fanbase came influenciated by the northamerican groups and the whole series lost it's beauty.Besides, the episodes were becoming more and more complicated and boring.

  3. David in the x-files is way better than in californication. I like sci-fi a lot and can't get enough of all possible scenarios and conspiracy theories. I also think we are often watching old news. 😀

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