windows 95

For some reason I had a Windows 95 flashback today. It was kind of fun, actually.

I remember the "Start Me Up" commercials, and the Weezer/Happy Days video on the install disc. Netscape Navigator was the big browser, and a lot of people had Juno's free e-mail which is still free. Net@ddress was blanketing the net with "free e-mail for life" ads, which turned out to only be free for 3 years, a very short life! There was the constant hassle of configuring dial-up networking, plus the fact that dial-up networking wasn't even installed on "95" by default. I got so many help requests from friends who installed AOL then found out it would hose the regular dialup on Windows.

Those were the days. IRC was roaring with chat, and there was the fabulous glitzy WBS community. I still keep in touch with some of the WBS'ers. There were still a few true BBS's online where the really good files could be found. 😀

The biggest thing about Windows 95 was that if you didn't sit in the chair with your butt clenched just right, you got constant bluescreens, the BSoD.

Enjoy The Microsoft Sound which was the Windows 95 boot up tune. I still have my Linux boxes play it to this very day.


9 responses to “windows 95

  1. Win95 was the first Windows I used. That´s where I took my first steps into Borland's Turbo C… even if it really ran in console mode ;)There was also where I played for the first time a CD that was crap even that day… it was called 'Games for Windows 95' or 'Games 95' as the cover said. It was amazingly.. boring. All the games were stupid and boring. I switched back to DOS 6 almost immediately.

  2. Originally posted by FoxM:

    Games 95

    I think I had that one, too!I used to enjoy the old versions of Doom. I liked the dark mysterious sets and the thumping music.

  3. That one was for DOS too… althought the Doom95 version had a 'prettier' startup interface (a.k.a. you could start it by double clicking without starting a DOS console) 😛

  4. I experienced such a flashback, too, looking up and seeing a cloudless sky.

  5. Since Win95, there has been little need for the true geek to ever go outside anymore. Windows provided ample blue-sky and forest desktops and boot-up screens. Netscape provided lots of green. Just look at an image of the sun from time to time and you're all set!

  6. You mean Sun Microsystems, right?

  7. Originally posted by FoxM:

    You mean Sun Microsystems, right?

    Good one! We're getting it complete here. :up:

  8. I remember AOL stuffing up Win95…worst virus about at the time 🙂

  9. One thing I particularly remember about Windows 98 (apart from the BSODs) was the 'travel theme' 😀

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