my favorite soda

Blue Sky Orange Crème. Yummy, yummy!

Blue Sky Orange Crème

11 responses to “my favorite soda

  1. Have never had this. An Orange Crush or Cherry Pepsi for me.

  2. nice! very inviting too!:heart: enjoy guys! it seems you are generous on ice cubes too! 😀

  3. Refreshing. :cheers:

  4. muuuyy refrescante :happy:

  5. And made with real sugar, no less !!Excellent drink for these warm days.Though I'd prefer a cool beer.

  6. Refleshing, but you must add the lemon slice, its so great!Anyway, cool beer is the best! 🙂

  7. my favorite soda is one called clearly canadian

  8. I thought you were joking, until I looked it up. Is this flavoured water? We have some here, too, but I'm not too fond of it. Pure mineral water or juices for me. Unless there's a cool beer waiting, of course.

  9. its very carbonated water with flavor,i absolutly love it..mineral water,what brand?

  10. Mostly I buy them in a discount supermarket, which sells their own brands. My personal favourite of the well known ( around here) brands is Spa.They used to have very tender commercials for the non sparkling water, in black and white, here's one for the sparkling water, which I don't drink, by the way.

  11. lol that was hilarious

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