soul food and mexican in south carolina

As I crisscross the Carolinas this week for work, one of my stops was Hardeeville, South Carolina. They have good food and Internet there. Hardeeville has a local net provider and my hotel was connected to it. The upload/download speeds were mind blowing. My cable net connection at home is from a national carrier, and while the download is great, the upload sucks.

I ate both the soul food and the Mexican seen advertised in the following pictures. The soul food wins in this town. :up: :chef:

I like the mix of English/Spanish in the images.

Gwen and Franny's Soul Food

Gwen and Franny's Soul Food

Hardeeville, Carolina del Sur

Hardeeville, Carolina del Sur

7 responses to “soul food and mexican in south carolina

  1. The carolinas – one of about 6 – 7 states I've not been to yet.I will go to Atlanta later this year. Yahoo. Another city of the list.

  2. glad you enjoyed yourself

  3. I love signs, especially if they look like they've been there 50 or 60 years. I'm assuming the last one is for hair cuts? ….unless they have unisex Mexican food. Would love to have Gwen and Franny's Fried Chicken.

  4. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    I will go to Atlanta later this year

    Atlanta was one of my favorite party towns many years ago. :cheers: After the olympics were held there, I feel that the downtown lost a lot of its character. It now looks just like anywhere else to me. Many of the good old spots got bulldozed. 😦 The bars close early there now, all my friends moved away. Fuck it! lol

  5. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    assuming the last one is for hair cuts?

    You got it! A peluquería is a barber shop, though this one looks more like a salon.Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    Would love to have Gwen and Franny's Fried Chicken

    I had it. They were the largest chicken breasts I have ever seen, though Franny's breasts were quite a sight…huge! The soul food place and "Gwen and Franny's" are actually one in the same though that's not clear in the pics. It's a one stop shop for all soul food needs.It was good food, but the chicken was mighty salty, and the red rice, cornbread, and lemonade were all cloyingly sweet. High blood pressure and diabetes must run rampant.

  6. Ohhhh. This is what the olympics do to a place? Hmmmmm. I guess vancouver will become even more boring after Feb 2010!:D

  7. imjustafriend

    One thing I think is terrible is all these neon or big marketing things.Anyone been to Barcelona? Macdonald's has just a little McDonald in the stone and with a very neutral color as I remebber. Might be yellow, but not a big neon lightning sign. It's getting night here in my country, my dog need a walk and probably me too.

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