on the road

I'm traveling all this week in *deep* rural South Carolina. Want to guess which hotel I'm in tonight?

Yep, it's a Super 8. There's a choice of two *free* wifi signals as you can see in the image. I can almost swear that the wireless works best in the cheapest hotels. Who knows why.

This Super 8 is posh. There's a huge office desk with a comfy ergonomic chair, microwave/fridge, a large sparkling bathroom, and powerful air conditioning. Light breakfast and coffee are included in the morning. I had a coupon that saved me $15 off an already inexpensive room. The coupons can be picked up at rest areas, welcome centers, truck stops, gas stations, and some fast food places. The problem is getting the hotels to accept them. They reserve the right to tell you "no". They usually take them, but if they think they can sell the space for more later in the day, they will decline. They gave me no problem here.

Home tomorrow afternoon! Need a beer. :up: :beer:

7 responses to “on the road

  1. The very thing that you compromise in getting a cheaper place is your advantage in an internet connection i.e. thin walls and greater internet customer density in some cases.

  2. Imm sure thin walls dont bother you too much now…. 😀

  3. imjustafriend

    Have a nice beer! Skål as vi say in Norway.

  4. Thin walls could have been a Polanski film.

  5. Agree totally. 🙂

  6. Wi-fi should be like basic cable – part of the basic package. I need the Weather Channel when I travel, and I need my internets too!

  7. Rosemary's Baby!This was a nice Super 8. There were no disassembled cars in the parking lot.

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