driving straight into the torment

Yesterday on I-40, just east of Raleigh, North Carolina. It got very exciting about three minutes after I took the photo.

Driving Into the Torment

7 responses to “driving straight into the torment

  1. Hopefully the roof was up.

  2. Lol. I was in my work truck. No such fun as being a convertible top. It's comfy though.

  3. cool

  4. Wow, the dark forces ahead.

  5. For some reason that reminds me of watching The Benny Hill Show when I was a youngun. They were doing a skit on auditioning large breasted actresses who were unable to read their lines correctly.–What's that up in the road ahead?became:What's that up in the road? A head?–What is this thing called love?became:What is this thing called? Love?–Oh well, they were so funny to me at the time, I remember the specific show 30 years later. You kind of had to be there. 😆

  6. I kind of was. 🙂

  7. lol, to this very day, if I'm in a car with someone and there is something to look at coming up on the highway, I still say, "What's that up in the road? A head?"Memories of Benny.That show was so bawdy and fun for a teenager. Here it would only run after 11pm, but that was years ago. Now it could run prime time, no problem. :up:

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