i got a cool gift in the mail from iran

Thanks Mehdi! :up:

Wonderful friends from all over the world made right here on the My Opera Community. This was quite a surprise. I am so proud and pleased to get such a nice gift from such a good friend. We are friends and pals for life.

The package arrived in good shape and didn't seem to have been fucked with. 😀 This is surprising, since Iran and the USA are high on each other's shitlist.

It is an exquisite wallet made in Iran. It's a large one, so I had to go get a lot of money to fill it up! It's travel money anyway. It will be gone by Friday.

Such a sweet gift. Thanks with much love.

Nice Wallet from Iran

Nice Wallet from Iran

14 responses to “i got a cool gift in the mail from iran

  1. travel money to iran?awsome wallet btw

  2. travel money to iran?

    Nothing so exciting as that. This week is just eastern North Carolina for work.The design on the wallet would make a nice tattoo, but I don't have any of those and probably never will.

  3. Very nice. I now live with one of my friends from here. Gave up that Michigan weather for Florida.

  4. oh,oh kay…your such a cracka…a tattoo…hmmm maybe with out the guy in the middle(replace him with a platypus)

  5. Whooo hooo! How exciting to get gifts n the post like that!

  6. It came certified, "signature required". For just a second, it darted through my mind as I went to the postal counter, that it was a ruse by the government to slap the handcuffs on me instead of handing me a pen. 😆 :yikes:

  7. It is the era of Barak Obama now you know…. 😀

  8. He does seem keen on continuing many Bush-era policies. Ummm, maybe the real force is somewhere else. 😮

  9. exciting 😀 I like it , it's amazing

  10. it's amazing

    It really is! :up: Now I need to get a tattoo with the same design.

  11. looks like it would be painful!

  12. Hi Dave,nice gift.:up:Plz check my new posts.

  13. @ hungryghost: I should get it large across my chest. Nah, my tits too saggy.@ KYren: Saw your cool posts!

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