mowed yard

I mowed the yard today for the first time this year. It was rough! Now my legs hurt and I'm very tired. Fortunately the mower started on the first pull, probably due to a stabilizer I put in the gasoline last fall.

This is the back yard. The front yard is even smaller. It's a small, but cute, city-sized lot. I'm thinking about replacing the gasoline mower with an electric one. I think I could reach the entire yard with a 100 foot cord, then I wouldn't have to smell exhaust from the engine or wear earplugs due to the noise.

We have good privacy due to the trees and bushes you can see all around the yard. Behind the white garage, there is an area perfect for nude sunbathing!

To enlarge the image, click it and select "all sizes" from the flickr page.

First Mow

5 responses to “mowed yard

  1. great looking yard, bonus when you have the space to sit in the sun too!

  2. i know where you live now!btw…DOG!!!!!

  3. Ummmm, Just can say one thing that you have a nice place uncle..!!! 😆 😀 🙂

  4. And the campers fanny gets into the yard photo as well 😆

  5. Nice back yard you got there. So that's where those infamous summer parties go down? Trying not to look at the garage. :left:

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