almost sure hangover preventative

Perrier Citron, and *lots* of it at 3:30 AM, Sunday morning.

Refreshing Hangover Preventative

9 responses to “almost sure hangover preventative

  1. Hope it worked. I wont ask what you did on Saturday, coz 9 out of 10 times, you just wouldnt remember. 😛

  2. Well, we went clubbing, which in this town means just going to one club.I never drink during the week, and sometimes not even on the weekends. Often it's weeks between drinks, so when I go to a club, I like the refreshing feeling of washing several beers down my thirsty throat. Usually my mind and body have always had a nice tolerance. I can drink several beers over a period of hours and feel just a nice relaxing effect, not drunk. Last night was different. After two beers I felt rather impaired. Then we joined a fun chatty group, and that always ups the ante, making the drinks go down faster.Then came the Hpnotiq Dreamgirl.I've always been a snob about cocktails. I've historically preferred one mix/one liquor drinks. Nothing sweet, fruity, or out of a blender. In the past few years, for some reason, I've developed a taste for those green and/or blue, sweet drinks that previously I viewed as namby-pamby. I was offered a giant double Hpnotiq Dreamgirl, which is a very pansy-assed sweet 'n fruity cocktail. It sure was good, but it hit my head hard. About halfway through it, I couldn't remember the name of the drink and was calling it a Hpnotiq Schoolgirl, then a Hpnotiq Cheerleader.With a competent sober driver I made it home safely. I was still coherent enough to post to MyOpera once before eating an old slice of pizza, guzzling some Perrier, and passing out in the bed.Whew!

  3. Sounds like a night from my past……. :eyes: :devil: :angel:

  4. Ya wake up in the morning and there's this "thing" beside you in the bed, and it's not your bed. You sneak to the dresser to see if there's a piece of mail or something that has the "thing's" name on it, cause you've forgotten it, or never knew it.Pre cell phone days: you tippy toe to the den to dial your home phone or roommate, and the automated message from the phone company says, "you must first dial a 1 when calling this number." Oh no! That means you're anywhere from 30 miles to 3 states away from home.You look out the window at the driveway and there are no cars out there. You're trapped with "it".Hehe. I made some of this up, but not all of it. :yikes:

  5. 😀 Getting buzzed just makes me flat out hungry. It's nasty waking up the next day with partially chewed food still in my mouth. Well, I guess it could be worse. :eyes:

  6. What's that song about the tequila ……. It is a friend of mine…. It says something about who's that cowboy in bed next to me….. Oh hell I'll google…..Now wait a minuteThings don't look to familiarWho is the cowboy who's sleeping beside meWell he's awful cuteBut how'd I get his shirt onI had to much tequila last nightJose CuervoYou are friend of mineI like to drink you withA little salt and limeDid I kiss all the cowboysDid I shoot out the lightsDid I dance on the barDid I start any fightsUh….. yeah been there :whistle: :devil:

  7. hahahahaha…….. 😆 :insane: :devil:

  8. Hehe. I made some of this up, but not all of it.

    The automated message is made up right? 😀

  9. Ummm, that part was real. 😮

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