Yummy, yummy, Rising Moon Spring Ale. Couldn't be better. :cheers:

The large twenty ounce mug is from our recent trip to Ikea. They're made in Russia and perfect for those summer patio parties. :up:

Glass of Beer

9 responses to “glass-o-beer

  1. They're made in Russia

    Not Chernobyl I hope.

  2. @Shaunak: what kind of comment is that?!@slackwrdave: looks soooooooo delicious! :beer:

  3. 🙂 Hey david don't post things like that!!I think you wanna change my mind and make me consider my decision again… :p :beer:

  4. There's more coming up shortly! 😀 See next post. Has to do with payback and French mineral waters. 😆

  5. So you are determined to make my life complicated! 🙂

  6. :beer: mmm looks good…didn't see the glasses at IKEA last week, but they may not be sold in Sweden…

  7. Probably they ship the Russian ones to the USA. For Sweden, the glasses will probably be from Mexico or Chile. 😆 It surprises me when something actually comes from someplace "close".

  8. Frozen glass eh? You know how to pour a beer.I'm not sure yet whether that's a good quality or not :p

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