dog on a pillow

As I sat on the sofa reading for three hours, Lucy alternated between staring at me and drifting off to sleep.

Dog on a Pillow

6 responses to “dog on a pillow

  1. Consider yourself fortunate that she can't speak :pOur dog would be impatiently turning at the front door, eager to go out for a walk whenever he had the collar on.I like the K9 tag. :up:

  2. how cute is that!from the look in her face,she is dreaming of "Lean Cuts" :p

  3. I like the K9 tag.

    Local trivia:Some of the police around here have a dog in the car with them, and the car will usually have a "K9" decal on the side.An officer was in a parking lot near me one time, and she was out with her dog throwing a frisbee for exercise. She kept yelling things at the dog that I could not understand, so I asked her about it. She said she was talking to the dog in Dutch. She had trained her dog in Dutch because her father was from Holland and she knew the language some, plus the dog would only respond to Dutch commands which would reduce the odds that a suspect could interfere with the dog by yelling the more common English at it.Strange!

  4. With them foreign languages on the packages, it has to be good!"bifteck" and "rosbif" :chef:

  5. Clever!

  6. 😆 yes "bifteck" and "rosbif" are good !plus it helps the dog learn commands in foreign languages ! :p

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