the bookmobile

Come away with me, Lucille
In my merry bookmobile (Oldsmobile)
Down the road of life we'll fly
Automobubbling, you and I

I love public libraries. I've mentioned them many times before, here and here for example.

I woke up this morning and this pretty bus was out front of my house. It's the Greensboro Public Library's bookmobile, called the Reading Railroad! w00t! It's a wonderful bus, posh inside with lots of books and things to read and do for the children. There's even a satellite dish on top (currently retracted) for high-tech fun.

These bookmobiles were around when I was a child, but I have never seen them look more beautiful.

So, for the price of a war "toy", how many of these babies could you buy? Lots. :worried: I won't belabor the point, but we know where all the money is going. This wonderful "magic bus" may become a thing of the past one day. Many less fortunate areas have given them up already.

If your local library has a "buy a book" program, it's a nice way to think of someone without buying them some usual "thing". Every Christmas, part of our gift giving involves donations to the library. The library buys needed books and puts a memorial sticker inside the front cover acknowledging the recipient of the gift. Cool hey! 😎

Here are three pics of the merry bookmobile. Each is clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page. Pretty! Pretty, magic bus! :up:




5 responses to “the bookmobile

  1. this is beautiful Dave!thanks for sharing with us!in New York City we have the post office tucks parked like this 😆 honest, certain days of the week you can send anything from the corner Post office truck!Many do not realize that in New York City in order to send a package ,you have to travel 4-6 miles, look to find a parking spot for at least 30 minutes and stay on line in the office behind 25 plus people … sometimes you don't even get a thank you from the receipient 😥 or bad attitude is the response………. I am sure the kids must be happy for this bus in your area,as much as they are for the ice cream truck parked in there !*hugs*

  2. Love the post office thing! I had no idea. Here the post offices are usually endowed with good easy parking. Different things work in different places.On the other hand, the ice cream trucks here have become a nuisance. So many are doing it. All summer they come by, sometimes every 15 minutes, with the music blaring away. I've had to shoo them away from the front of my house many times by yelling and threatening to call the police. It's a totally saturated industry here.

  3. I would have expected that the The Club Tropicana Location 😀 would have trucks with drinks too! :lol:yes, the post office on wheels existsI have no idea for how longsince now they consider of delivering mail only four days a week :(OK not sad since I am not anxious to get extra billsbut still bad economy it might eliminate the p/office on wheels too …

  4. I would have expected that the The Club Tropicana Location would have trucks with drinks too!

    We hope to have a lot of backyard cocktail parties this summer. We'll invite the ice cream truck drivers. No wait, they grope too much. 😀

  5. :lol:thats exactly what they do!looking forward to more colorful pictures from the coctail parties!:yes:

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