green dragon farmers market – ephrata pennsylvania

Today we went the the Green Dragon Farmers Market. The Green Dragon is in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, which is in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Sometimes you get to see some Amish people. :up:

Here are some cellphone images from today. All images are clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page.

Image #1: a menu from one of the many strange eateries.

Grill Menu

Image #2: strange foreign languages. 😉 Pennsylvania Dutch influence?

Parken Verboten

Image #3: wide-load jeans mannequin.

Big Rear Jeans

Image #4: Obama souvenir salesman. He was sweet and friendly!

Obama Souvenir Salesman

6 responses to “green dragon farmers market – ephrata pennsylvania

  1. I like Barack and love USA ! i hope that Barack will become a good president 😀

  2. I will buy you a souvenir, Hieu.

  3. Boneless pork rib?What's next, meatless steak? :lol:The language on the sign is closer to German. And blame me for thinking it was a jeans tent, at first sight :DSeems like a nice day out, you sure had nice weather too.Have you spotted any Amish people?

  4. Have you spotted any Amish people?

    Quite a few. You have to be careful driving because the roads are hilly and curvy, and you can be right up on a horse and buggy with little warning. I'm sure many get wiped out each year due to this.Here's one from the same day. They all have made some techno concessions and have put the orange triangle on the back, but this guy seems to have had some fun putting extra reflectors on in a wild pattern.

  5. Wild pattern?Did you not notice the symmetry? I am willing to bet you find some corresponding pattern described somewhere in the holy scriptures. Aside from that, they really are something, keeping new technologies out of their community and living by the Book like they do.Respect.Nice picture by the way.

  6. Nice Pictures….Whats the difference between a cowboy and cowgirl cooler?Edit: Wow a buggy…… Groovy….:up:

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