paris calendar very cheap

A picture of reedplayernc holding our new Paris calendar. It was only $4.00 instead of $12.95 because it is already 2009. Paris won out over the other calendars that had such things as Harry Potter (wasn't the Daniel Radcliffe soft porn version, darn it), Batman, Chihuahuas, and racing cars.

2 responses to “paris calendar very cheap

  1. Oh you got a deal……. I usually get calenders from my insurance agent….. Haven't seen him this year so no calender yet 😦 😮 Paris is nice……. I was born 50 miles South of Paris in Orleans….. Army brat……. Came to the states when I was 13 months old….. Would love to go back so I could see where I was born…..Oh at first I thought it was a Paris Hilton calender :no: I just can't see you with that calender 😉 :p 😆 :whistle:

  2. because it is already 2009

    You guys drive home real good bargains, dont you? 😛

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