3 little old pics

Just some stuff from today.

#1: "Natural Cheetos". Is that an oxymoron? I've never seen them before, so I bought 'em. Not bad really, for that type snack. They are better then the bright orange regular ones.
Natural Cheetos?

#2: Reedplayernc and I went by a piercing/tattoo place today so he could get an "upgrade" (larger gauge) of the rings in his earlobe.
Piercing Upgrade

#3: This was in the office of the person who did the piercing enlargement mentioned above. It is a 1950's movie prop.
Skeleton Movie Prop

3 responses to “3 little old pics

  1. lol…glad u had a good day

  2. 1. Hate cheetos…. :yuck: 2. Nice piercings….. :)3.

    And post o're Land and Ocean without rest:
    They also serve who only stand and wait.

    He took the poem a little too seriously…..:D

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