si no te hubieras ido

Si No Te Hubieras Ido, it's a beautiful song that has been performed by many artists and can be heard in the movie, "Y tu mamá también.". I loved that movie.

I have two versions of it so far:

  • the one performed by the wonderful Marco Antonio Solís, who wrote it.
  • a beautiful and lively cover of it by Maná from Guadalajara.

I love it, just love it. :up:

The words are straightforward enough that even a moderate newcomer to Spanish can use them as a learning tool.

5 responses to “si no te hubieras ido

  1. i love spanish music, even though i don't understand most of the words they say

  2. Not a thing wrong with that! :up:

  3. i love to listen to it. its got that beat that normal music don't have, and i enjoy it. just about as much as i enjoy classical music

  4. A good jukebox dance favorite is the song "Dile" by the group, La Mafia. It makes my feet move to the strong slow beat.

  5. it would probably make me do chair jiggin (chair dancing)…to which i have already broke one chair doing that…lmao

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