christmas tree

My mom bought a Christmas tree then decided she wanted it outside. I got out the wire, stakes, and cord, and rigged this up under the full moon (up next, waning gibbous). It was cold out there, but got to keep the mama happy. Then we went to McDonald's for some high-class lattes. She also had a fruit and yogurt parfait. I had a filet-o-fish.

11 responses to “christmas tree

  1. Nice looking tree! Ps: i like filet-o-fish too!

  2. Ps: i like filet-o-fish too!

    They're not too big, and easy on the tummy. I skip the sauce and put on a dab of ketchup instead. Haute cuisine! Ground beef grosses me out.

  3. beautiful tree, but for me its better suited for the inside….too cold outside…lol

  4. What is fillet o fish?

  5. it looks really great:)

  6. @LorenzoCelsi: Its a sort of sandwich/burger. The main ingredient being Fish. AKA: McFish, FishMac.Heres its Wikipedia entry:

  7. Yes, ok, thanks. Probably it is more healthy than "meat". I don't know what they serve in american McDonalds but here it is very bad stuff.

  8. For your health, universally the stuff is bad…. 😀

  9. too greasy

  10. It's one of the slightly lesser evils on the menu. You could go for a salad, or a fruit and yogurt parfait, unless you're just too hungry for that type stuff.Years ago, one of the chains, probably Burger King, had a commercial making fun of the "not found in nature" rectangular shape of the filet-o-fish patty. That was back when BK had a good fish sandwich called the Whaler. Now the BK fish sandwich is huge and heavily battered with some type of a salty-as-hell coating. It sticks in my throat like it probably sticks in my arteries. Take your blood pressure sometime later, and you'll wish you had that much money in your wallet.It's all about how to eat at these places, when you have to, without having an immediate coronary. It's also like smoking. It won't kill ya right that instant, but…..Other temptations: a McDonald's vanilla milkshake is *good*, but you might as well eat a stick of butter and chug a bottle of 30 weight motor oil. :heart: Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Bam!

  11. lmao @ u dave, but i do have to agree with that last comment…lol

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