world’s best card game for your computer

If you like to entertain yourself with solitaire cardgames, you won't go wrong with Pysol. This game is OLD! I've had in on my computer for years. It's the best. There are over 1000 cardgames included in Pysol. See the list here. The game creator went to a lot of trouble to gather lots of beautiful cardsets for you to use. They are scans of real cards. If fact, if you have a favorite deck, you can scan them and install them right in.

More good news. Every game has the rules explained under "HELP", so you can learn how to play. Even better, in "demo mode" you will actually be shown how the cards should move. Some of the games are extremely complicated, so this is needed. With the beautiful cardsets and the 1000+ games, you can just feel the history that it has within.

Pysol runs on Windows, Mac, and "platform independent", which would be Linux and some others. If you use Linux, see if there's a package in your distro's repository first. It's licensed under the GNU Public License, so let freedom ring, and have fun.

Download Pysol and have some historical fun!

Now some screenshots:

#1: This is me playing the game "Pyramid" using the "Hard a'Port" cardset. Pretty!

#2: Showing a partial listing of the many beautiful and historical cardsets included.

#3: This is just a small fraction of the over 1000 cardgames included.

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