testing the wifi at the public library

I had to do a lot of running around downtown today, so I took the new netbook with me so I could try out my city's net access at the public library. It couldn't be easier. I think because I have an alternative DNS configured on this machine, I was not even shown the Terms of Service screen when I connected. Would not using the library DNS bypass that? The library connection is strong and smooth. It's fun having this little netbook with so many graphics and net tools I love already on it.

A few people have walked by and glared at me. Do they think I'm a dumbass? Do they like the netbook? Maybe they want to steal it.

OK, time to have lunch. More later from home. By the way, I checked out a radical book while I was here. Damn the thoughtcrime! 😀

Library connection info with openDNS configured.

A pic of me in the library from the netbook webcam. Fiction section visible behind me.

46 responses to “testing the wifi at the public library

  1. Is the netbook eee pc or Aspire One or other brand? I would buy a PC or a G1 next year.

  2. That's the way it should be: seamless. My HP has an internal broadcom card and it is just rubbish.

  3. I'm having trouble with 2 PCMCIA wifi cards for Brian's laptop. I need to research that.

  4. Interesting… an rt73usb driver… is that an external wireless card? I have a dlink with that chipset and it works like a charm. Except when someone disables ipv6 completely in the router… I do not know why, but I have to restart the card configured to work in ipv4-only mode… 😦

  5. is that an external wireless card?

    It's internal. I haven't thought to find out much about this unit yet. It's just so damned fun to use I haven't gotten around to it. I should find a forum and see what people are doing with them. A lot of the fun will be in the hacking.

  6. Hey, thanks for the OpenDNS link…Interesting service…

  7. openDNS works real well, much better than that of my ISP. I only worry that some of their corporate customers are sleazy. I don't want to mention names, but one of them is responsible for the "bell ringers" in front of stores this time of year.

  8. I must say….I have been using the OpenDNS service for a few hours now and boy am I impressed. My connection is now faster and more reliable.My ping times have gone down and the to my pleasant surprise, the tracert command, which was diabled by my ISP now works!And the OpenDNS guide for misspelt urls rocks too! :)WAAAY better than seeing a 404 error!

  9. Within 2 years these laptops should be priced at $100 to meet the OLPC target.What do you say?:)

  10. Absolutely….There is no clear "rock bottom" with electronics….

  11. One fundamental rule of the economy is more people want to buy something and higher the price is. So I don't see the netbooks to get cheaper any soon. They will just release new models with bigger screen, more memory, etc and the price will be always just a little lower than regular notebooks (that are the competing products). Right now a cheap notebook comes for about 500-600 euros and the netbooks are 300-400.On a side note, I've been using OpenDNS for years now. It is not new. I began using it because my ISP DNS did not work. The only drawback is OpenDNS does not have servers close to my geographical position, I guess they are in England or something, so the gain is not as big as if I was in US.Dave, did you put the Harley logo on the netbook case to enter the library?

  12. I'm going to have try with that OpenDNS later today.It seems interesting. I can only hope to get good resuults with it.As for the prices, they will drop when more players enter the market and want to get a share. Newer models with higher specs will be available too, at higher prices.Look at the mobiles, pc's and laptops.It's a law.

  13. I never understood well the real goal of the OLPC. I saw my first real computer in the university and I haven't suffered much because of it. I guess in countries where the OLPC was meant to be used people need the basic stuff like clean water, food, clothes, soap, medical care, etc. Once they have the basics they need a school where it does not rain inside and it is comfortable, with chairs, desks, books, pencils, they need to learn to read and write and do the math. I guess there are better ways to spend the 200 dollars the OLPC actually costs.

  14. 😦 Then I would just dream of the OLPC concept becoming a reality.

  15. I'm using that OpenDNS n ow.It's not faster, but it is more stable.So far no freaking disconnects.Nice pic btw.Luckily you weren't wearing pink. 😀

  16. They were just concerned for your health 😀

  17. Luckily you weren't wearing pink.

    When I was little I saw a pair of pink socks in a department store that I loved and wanted. They were in the golf section, so it wasn't like I was shopping in ladies wear. I was flatly refused by my parents. They probably feared that those socks would throw some kind of a switch or something. 😀

  18. I have been following OLPC since the very beginning. I would call it a failure so far. Lets see what happens. Besides, you haven't told me why indian kids would need a OLPC since italian kids sure don't. Not because italian kids can buy better computers but because I believe NO kid needs a computer. When my niece will grow big enough I will give her paper and pencils to draw and books to read. A ball to kick in the park and legos to play indoors.And, I say it again, I think the "One Laptop per Child" project is crazy if we think there are childrens that are dying for starvation of because they drink sewage water.

  19. I'm sure you'll be her favourite uncle ;)But you made a good point there.

  20. Lorenzo,please google for OLPC India project.Ignorance is the root cause of all evils.

  21. Those are the most interesting ones, aren't they?

  22. Usually some good piercings involved.

  23. You know, problems will come when she will start to be interested in boys… And, as usual, they will be the wrong ones. 🙂

  24. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Khairat_ChronicleThe pilot of OLPC was launched in Dhangarwadi in, Khairat village,in India.Dhangars were called "untouchables".We need to find a fastest way to provide quality education to each and every child in the world.Multimedia in a PC helps children assimilate knowledge quickly.That's what I have to say for now.

  25. Piercing is one of the two things I don't understand, the other being tattoos. I don't find neither of the two sexy but annoying.

  26. Surrounded by some major tattoos, hiding the names of previous conquered maids …The usual amount of benzedrine rushing through the veins.Yes, the regular teenage dream 😉

  27. Yes I guess the OLPC is the perfect solution for the "untouchables". Hilarious. This reminds me of the other post where somebody wrote reinventing the wheel is cool because somebody needs it rough and somebody needs it smooth. :)IMHO the OLPC is the LAST thing a poor kid needs. It could sound even like a bad taste joke giving electronic gadgets to somebody who lacks the basic for decent living.

  28. I better not see this post turn into the IRC-like child riot that my bittirrent one did the other day. Take it somewhere else.That's what I have to say for now.

  29. Adios.

  30. I am trying to be an optimist,friends.Without hope there's no meaning to live this life.I am being mocked as if I've suggested to build terrorist training camps in your countries.:D

  31. I, too, had a lot of worries about OLPC. It looked like it could be helpful sometimes, to some people, in some places, but it looked like cat herding to the extreme, and it looked like easy pickings for dying a death of a 1000 cuts. It's a tasty morsel ripe and easy for abuse, corruption, and plunder.It's hard for me to say what's right. I side with clean tap water, etc., being a lot more logical, though with a big stretch, I *could* see some technology being poured in from the middle as being able to jump start the other things. I have little faith in the former. It reminds me of trickle-down economics. On paper it can look real good. In reality it can help some people, sometimes, in some places, every now and then, when the wind is blowing the right way, when the moon is in the Seventh House.As for trying to unite people behind a cause, I cringe when I see charities whose mission is caring for disadvantaged dogs and cats in depressed areas, rather than caring for the humans, but I guess sometimes you have to engage people in ways in which they are willing. I'd never give money to that, however.

  32. terrorist training camps in your countries

    There is a place in Fort Benning, state of Georgia, that some would consider to be that.Sorry, I have to try to inject humor into everything. Many are probably sick of it. I almost am myself.I don't want anyone to feel mocked or under attack. It's just a blog.Like when discussing *nix/Windows/Mac, the best "out" is to stop and say, "it's just an operating system".

  33. The people glaring at you probably think you're on your way to Starbucks to write publically. 😆 On OLPC, education is important, but a laptop only provides an education if put into educated hands. I suggest a Several Books Per Child program built into the laptop. 😀 That's the opinion of someone who hasn't really looked into it anyway.

  34. The people glaring at you probably think you're on your way to Starbucks

    I would go there, and it's a nice way to spend some time, but only the Starbucks locations that are truly desperate for business have the free wifi now. The others, you have to have a Gold Card or something, then they dribble it out to you in bits and pieces. Oh, I just read that if you're an AT&T DSL customer, you get "forever" internet at Starbucks. Rats. I banned AT&T from my house years ago due to having world-class horrible customer service, then the more recent spy-sex they had with the government. Now they have a government that wants to help reposition them as an even greater monopoly than they were a few decades ago. If I were Sprint or Verizon, I'd be pissed, though they are getting their favors, too.Damn! I went on a rant.Anyway, there's a place across the street from me that has free wifi. I can see their signal, but it's just a wee bit too weak to connect to, otherwise I could cancel my net and use theirs! 😀

    please don't cut rain forests to get the paper to make those books

    I won't buy one of those electronic book readers as a substitute however. Just more smelly plastic, batteries to buy, limited warranty, DRM hanging around. Plus they would be hard to hold upsidedown over my head while reading on my back on the sofa with my feet propped way up in the air.

  35. :p Ok,I agree with that.But please don't cut rain forests to get the paper to make those books.

  36. Program on the laptop, not actual books. As far as I can see the initiative is to get web ready laptops with just the basics affordable for even the poorest people to aid in a general level of education. The fact remains that many don't go to school so the laptop would be pretty useless on it's own. I haven't seen any mention of educational software built in, or special websites containing good educational tools set up and prioritized on the laptops.Like I said though, I haven't really been following this so I may well be wrong.

  37. You are right. No kindle, no anything like that. I am happy with my touchscreen-enabled notebook, Debian Lenny and KPDF. ;)Back on topic, I do agree there are more fundamental needs to the people, but the OLPC innitiative looks as a good one if and only if it is part of a long-term educational project. It has no educational tools, as it is intended as a tool for improving education, not for education itself. This process remains in the hands of teachers and tutors, I guess… I am not into it too much either ;)It is amazing how dependable we are on other people 😦

  38. Sorry Mik,the earlier comments had made me dizzy :ko: .So I expected only criticizm on my comments here.I agree with you.If 32 Gb SD cards become offordable,a shcool can put an encyclopaedia and all the books required for a particular course into just one SD card.Children won't need to carry the heavy backpacks then.:DAn OLPC has various sugarized 😀 educational softwares available for it.http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Educational_Software

  39. Any rant against American mobile networks is a good rant. :up: After the multiple balls-ups they've made of pretty much everything they touch they deserve no less. As for your journey to Starbucks… Did you also have a guitar on your back, jeans ripped off at the shins and no shoes on? 😆 Starbucks over here is a nightmare. They seem to think that grinding the beans then burning the powder is the right way to make coffee. :yuck: There's a pub across from us that has reachable free Wi-fi, but the hospital on the other side of us blocks it from anywhere closer than just outside our bedroom window. :(.You're looking too far in the future there Kiran. A basic 1gig card can hold loads of information. I've managed to transfer most of my books (and I'm a big reader) into mildly-formatted text files for my phone and they barely take a megabyte. Basic text books with local links (to stuff on the card) to supporting images can easily be put together with a program to read them and place the images inline with the text. A one gigabyte card could easily hold an entire university course's worth of information.Of course we're talking about educating the world with this OLPC project. Unfortunately the majority of the world don't seem to want education these days. My country is full of girls who go out specifically to get pregnant so they don't have to work or even finish school.

  40. Did you also have a guitar on your back, jeans ripped off at the shins and no shoes on?

    I'm into that. The weirder the better. I think they get tired of me leering at them. If they pull up in a beat-up Volvo, I can get overly excited easily.

  41. Those girls sound pretty engaged and committed. 😀

  42. Btw,they get at least primary education.How can you avoid studies and work by getting pregnant? :pWhat the boys there do to avoid education and work?Coz when you make a girl pregnant you have to do something to provide for the family. :DThe children in my country should at least be ensured primary education.I think a man without education is an elephant without its muscles,a cheetah without its speed,a tiger without its claws,a bird without its wings,a fish without its fins.

  43. We have a lot of people abusing the system here as well. In fact, I don't think there's anyone else but the system to blame for allowing such abuse.The result is that this social security system becomes to expensive to maintain and that the people for whom it originally was designed for are losing their secured income.There's a blatent lack of control on the applications and a slap in the face follow up.An example of a good intention that went totally wrong and that may soon be casted overboard.

  44. Oh Kiran, you're assuming people have morals in this country. 😆 Children=child benefits and an excuse to claim non working benefits because you have to look after kids. More and more people are starting to see kids as only that. :irked: You saw my post on Karen Matthews? She's pretty extreme, but just another example of how "civilised" people think.

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