always got to have something in my mouth

Brian made a cheesecake-like dessert:

Making the Cheesecake -- Finished Product

So I do my usual thing!

Licking the Beater

Still lickin'

Licking the Beater

Look at our old electric mixer. It's probably 50 years old. It's been in the family for generations.

Universal Mix-a-Beater

8 responses to “always got to have something in my mouth

  1. Thats one beat-up beater 😛

  2. I want to know how delicious it is.I see Brian likes it very much.I'm very surprise with your electric mixer. It's older than me but I see it looks like a new one. 🙂

  3. It's older than me, too! You will have to come and try the pie.

  4. Some joke of a mixer and a tongue is escaping me now …

  5. Yes, the newer electronic devices aren't designed to last fifty years or more.If you can still smell those cakes when it runs maybe you should clean it too. 😉

  6. Hey, that mixer has half a century on it and still going. :up: It sounds and smells good when it runs. It smells like the 100's of cakes my mother made with it. I like the stark black/white color. The new mixers, always from China, are so light and flimsy that a breeze can blow them over.

  7. Sometimes a little oil runs out of the gearbox, but I catch it every time before it gets to the batter. It was an advanced model back then I think. Infinately variable speed. Yeah, the cake smell comes from the motor. I'm afraid to open such an old device while it still works.

  8. Yes I don't think you'll find any spare parts should you break anything either.If it still works fine leave it as is. 😉

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