last of the thanksgiving cleanup

Usually things that must be washed by hand end up sitting in the kitchen until they become a biohazard. For once I was right on it and have everything clean. Lots of leftovers are still in the fridge. :chef: 🙂

As far as housekeeping, I won't even talk about the mold in the shower. That's going to take something from a science fiction movie to blast it away. I must work that in soon.

12 responses to “last of the thanksgiving cleanup

  1. I suggest nanobots.

  2. Why not just stop using the shower? :right:

  3. Woot. Male scents. I can only stand my own and even then … 😆

  4. It was almost to that point actually.

  5. Yeah tell me about it. I know such a character, and the pain is he's a nice guy but there's no nice way of telling him he really stinks. :left:

  6. I can enjoy the "scent" of a working man, lol, but not of someone who just doesn't bathe. :p

  7. My 2 basic requirements are: smells nice, and dentistry that is not out of a horror movie.

  8. You're easy going eh? :lol:The first one is something we all can take care off ourselves, the second one depends on the genetics and education. A ruined dentistry can be repaired but not everyone can afford the cost. Basic dental hygiene is a must though too here.

  9. There are a few, through no fault of their own, who will not qualify to run with this citizen of the Great Satan. :yikes: Oh, I'll befriend anybody, but any closer than that, the thresholds will apply.

  10. Avoid is good. My strategy also. I like to circumnavigate the troublesome ones. Same with police, I'm polite, don't mess with them unnecessarily, give a wide berth if possible. They have enough on their minds. No need to stir the pot.

  11. Much the same with this citizen. There rarely are people I dislike at first sight. But some behave particularly obnoxious and end up on the list of people to avoid. :DI won't waste time hating them though.

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