fill ‘er up

Filling the work truck up with diesel. Guzzle! A few weeks ago it was double $.

15 responses to “fill ‘er up

  1. Do not tell the boss 😀

  2. They've got us on the fuel. I do not yet know how to beat the system. 😦

  3. Dax, let's you and I go steal something. I think we'd enjoy it. :devil:

  4. No, that's not possible here either.Well, there is a cheaper brand of diesel, with a different colour, exactly the same chemically, without the added colour and way cheaper.Of course trucks and big vehicles get controlled.Fines are high if you turn out to be economical.Them thieves.

  5. I saw her on my way out.She asked me to ell you to bring the bread that lays on the top shelf in the basement closet.She didn't seem hungry though. :lol:I read about the Steve's hacking phones long before they developped the iPhone.I guess they know how it feels now.Though I bet they still enjoy the game. 🙂

  6. She asked me to ell you to bring the bread that lays on the top shelf in the basement closet.

    That is so false! She knows damned well that the rats ate up everything down in that basement, including all those corpses back from my clown days. :clown: 😀

  7. Exactly the same here on the diesel and the home heating oil. Yeah, I think the highway diesel here also has the color added to it. If you are caught with the cheaper heating oil in your car/truck tank, I think they cut off one of your nuts or something.The 2008 diesel engines now require ultra-low sulfer fuel. If you put the older diesel into these new ones, I hear it's megadeath for the engine.

    If you steal from thieves, is it still stealing, Robin Hood?

    I guess, but it sure feels better. During the 60's and 70's, the phone company was the favorite target.By the way, mama's in jail again. :p

  8. Hehe,Okay I am on penitentiary leave this week and eager to work :lol:I'm really only kidding here.Just to set the record straight.The diesel that is cheaper is the one sold for heating, it has the same composition, only the one sold at the pump has custom and tax officers added colour to it.If you steal from thieves, is it still stealing, Robin Hood?;)

  9. I think you and I, without trememdous effort, could write a pretty good story together.If we don't do that, maybe we could steal a television or something. I'll go out to Sears tomorrow and pick one out. I won't take it until Friday though.

  10. It explains her fat wink.;)

  11. I will have to charge my miles, mind you.

  12. When I shoplift, I like the brazen approach. Just get the item(s) and walk right out the front of the store.

  13. :left::right::D I don't do shoplifting. In fact I don't commit much, if any at all, crime. Which doesn't mean I agree with all laws. Or the way they get pushed through our throats.

  14. I don't shoplift either. I was just developing the story. :p

  15. Wow bad connection :lol:I have issues really.Don't need much stuff.But I get a good kick when I ask the salesperson if I can have a certain item., snap him/her a sort of thanks in a rough impolite way and walk out the door leaving them baffled, confused and still wondering if it's for real.Yes, definitely issues. 😀

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