sights around the hotel in richburg, south carolina

It's a dreary exit off of Interstate 77. I have to wait around for another 26 hours before my next shift at work, then I only work 4 hours. Fortunately, I get paid full-time regardless. I snapped this pic so you could see that fuel prices have dropped a lot. My work vehicle is a large thirsty diesel. Fuel prices are not my problem for work, as the fuel goes on a corporate card and the
company surcharges the customers when prices are high.

12 responses to “sights around the hotel in richburg, south carolina

  1. What's kind of cool about the laser wash is that it can determine the exact size of the vehicle, including the radio antenna. No more broken or bent antennas!

  2. Did you try the touch free laser car wash there? :PI wonder if its really worth it.

  3. :doh: Laser guided high pressure waterand I thought they used lasers to wash the car. Got to wake up and get on with the day, well actually I'm off today so I can still laze around and carry on dreaming.

  4. Yes, you are inside the car the entire time. The lasers are actually just to guide the equipment so it can get very close to the car without touching it. Usually you cannot see them, well maybe if you went at night you could. The wash is all high-pressure water and soap. If you pay extra, you can get the air dry which is so powerful it shakes the car around and makes the wipers flap around like an overcoat on a windy day. It gets very loud inside during this, which scares my dog to death, so I stopped taking her when I go to a wash.

  5. Do they let you sit in the car during the laser wash or at least see the lasers bouncing off the car?This sounds really 😎

  6. Hey selurus! Usually the laser washes work very well, but my company truck is too large for those. I have to take it to a truck wash where they usually charge about $30. I sometimes take my personal stuff to a laser wash where 5 to 6 dollars is a fair price. In the winter they are especially good as you get an underbody wash that cleans out the corrosive salt from the icy roads.

  7. Actually I thought the exact same thing the first time I went to one, so "doh" to me, too! That must be why "laser" is part of the naming scheme, to somewhat obscure the fact that all you're getting is an old fashioned wash with a high-tech add-on. They are "best in breed" however. For the money they can't be beat.

  8. Speaking about your job, I finally guessed you work as "cleaner" for the mafia, that explains the usage of a huge truck.

  9. Hey! If the pay is good, I can chuck morality right out the window. 😀 well maybe

  10. :DI had the same thoughts about the laser wash, highly advanced method of scraping of the dirt with a beam that won't harm the body of the car. I nearly went loking for pictures :lol:It's still advanced or an amelioration at least.Good the prices dropped. Here they are under one euro per liter now.

  11. If fuel prices stay low for long, the automakers will probably roll out yet another line of giant cars. I imagine the SUV's are almost a give away item for the moment. I saw a pic of the port of San Diego. They are drowning in cars as they are unloaded off the ships but the dealerships don't want them.

  12. I've read the american automotive firms are almost failing and they asked the State intervention. My personal opinion is the whole car market shows clearly people are stupid. Like my neighbor who bought a big scooter then since it made a "brrrrr" noise instead the "wrooom" noise he took the scooter to the mechanic to replace the silencer with a noisy one and now he rides a scooter that sounds like an Harley. You may think that is only him, but I've just read on the Yamaha site (producer of the said big scooter) that the new model was modified with a new more noisy silencer because the customers complained the scooter was too quiet.

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